link We have a blog!

This is our very first blog post!

The South Dakota Arts Council is celebrating our first 50 years, and as part of the anniversary, we’re celebrating 50 South Dakota artists with our 50 Artists to Watch feature on our website and our brand new blog!

We believe that artists are central to the creative environment of our state, which is essential to the well-being of our citizens. The work of South Dakota artists is important and necessary, so our hope is to loop you in to some of the meaningful work happening across the state.

We’re selecting the artists to feature from a long list of nominations we’ve received and continue to receive for this project. It’s by no means a complete list of relevant artists, nor is it intended to be a list of the best artists. They’re all impressive! But so are hundreds of other artists across South Dakota.

The intention here is to share information and work that might not be in the public eye, engage with the arts community, and have fun!

We welcome your continued suggestions for 50 Artists to Watch and your (constructive) comments about the work of those being featured.

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