50 Artists to Watch: Jennifer White

Jennifer White is a Sioux Falls artist, mother, wife, and now also an art gallery owner.

Post Pilgrim Gallery opened in the lower level of the Last Stop CD shop in April featuring the work of White and five other Native artists. She’s always up to something at her gallery. Whether painting for the public to see or hosting swanky parties during her Final Fridays events, it’s a must-see in Sioux Falls.

“I believe it is crucial – especially in these crazy times – to speak as loud as we can as Native people of this country. Our culture is more than what we have been told, our culture is more than what we expect from ourselves. We are going to continue to evolve and conquer our fears; I chose to do it through my art. I am proud to be a Native Painter. I am proud to be a woman gallery owner, and I will work very hard to do right by the people I love.” – J.White

50 Artists to Watch is a special project  in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the South Dakota Arts Council. This series of short artist features is intended to share the work of South Dakota artists on a wide platform. It is not intended as a list of top or best artists. It is not presented in any particular order. Featured artists are being selected from nominations sent to us. You can nominate an artist by emailing sdac@state.sd.us. We can’t include them all, but we’ll keep all nominations on a list for future features and blogs.
We welcome your continued suggestions for 50 Artists to Watch and your (constructive) comments about the work of those being featured.


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